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LS Electric unveils eco-friendly technologies at KSGE·SIEF 2021

LS Electric's booth at the KSGE·SIEF 2021 expo / Courtesy of LS ELECTRIC
LS Electric's booth at the KSGE·SIEF 2021 expo / Courtesy of LS ELECTRIC

By Kim Hyun-bin

LS Electric is showcasing its latest eco-friendly technologies at the Seoul International and Electric Fair Korea Smart Grid Expo 2021 (KSGE·SIEF 2021), the country's largest, smart power, energy expo.

The expo is being held for three days through Friday at COEX in Seoul.

LS is operating the largest booth, spanning 270㎡, under the theme, "Green Digital and Drive Change for Digital Transformation & Eco Technology."

The booth showcases the company's smart energy total solutions. One of them is the "LS GridSol Care system," which is an inspection and management system that places sensors on electric power equipment in order to monitor the machine in real time, as well as uses big data to find defects ahead of time to prevent accidents.

The system utilizes numerous digital technologies, including Internet of things (loT) sensors, wireless communications and expanding its monitoring range to both low and high voltage.

In addition, cloud based services analyze a user's energy use patterns in order to provide optimized consulting, while checking the system's status through smartphones and other mobile devices.

The company also revealed the world's first eco-friendly insulating material, called "Green Gas for Grid" (G3), which is equipped with a 170kV 50kA level Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). GIS is used at substations to provide a stable power supply.

The new GIS can drastically reduce carbon emissions more effectively than its predecessors, lowering Global Warming Potential (GWP) by 98 percent.

Other products on display at the expo include next-generation energy storage systems (ESS), power converters, and state-of-the-art DC and electric vehicle charging solutions.

"We have showcased numerous digital technology-based strategy solutions that fit the government's Green New Deal initiative, as well as digital transition efforts that will help us take the lead in the global energy market," an LS Electric official said. "Through the expo, we plan to showcase our world-class technological knowhow to our clients once more," an LS Electric official said.

Kim Hyun-bin


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