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Spotify's 'K-Pop Daebak' playlist attracts 3.1 million followers

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Spotify's "K-Pop Daebak" playlist / Courtesy of Spotify

By Dong Sun-hwa

The "K-Pop Daebak" playlist has garnered 3.1 million followers. Courtesy of Spotify
"K-Pop Daebak," the first K-pop editorial playlist launched by global streaming platform Spotify in 2014, had garnered 3.1 million followers as of early September.

Spotify added that the playlist hit nearly 5.3 billion minutes of streams and approximately 1.7 billion streams, introducing about 70,000 K-pop songs to users worldwide over the past seven years. The Swedish company, which became available in Korea in February, unveiled the data Monday to celebrate the service's seventh anniversary (Sept. 12).

"Since its launch, the K-Pop Daebak playlist has been serving as a global hub for K-pop," Spotify said in a statement. "It introduced numerous Korean artists to K-pop fans and new listeners across the globe."

Spotify also revealed that the U.S, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia were among the top 10 countries that enjoyed the playlist. When it comes to age groups, more than half of the streams came from Generation Z ― those aged between 18-24 ― followed by the group of 25-29 year olds (20 percent) and 17 or under (13 percent).

"Spotify is dedicated to connecting Korean artists and their work to listeners around the world, so that music can be discovered and enjoyed far and wide across borders," said Spotify's Head of Music in Asia, Kossy Ng. "This has, and will continue to be, our mission in Korea for the long term."

Launched in 2008, Spotify offers more than 70 million tracks and 4 billion playlists to its 356 million listeners in 178 markets. The streaming giant, which accounts for more than 30 percent of the global music streaming market, is going head-to-head with the services such as Melon and Genie in Korea.

Dong Sun-hwa

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