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Statistics Korea launches SDGs data platform in English

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Image capture of the main page of SDGs data platform operated by Statistics Korea. Courtesy of Statistics Korea
Image capture of the main page of SDGs data platform operated by Statistics Korea. Courtesy of Statistics Korea

By Lee Kyung-min

Statistics Korea has launched an open-access platform where data on Korea's efforts in advancing the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are available in English. Visit for more information.

The platform allows real-time monitoring of progress in SDGs, and is expected to promote data-driven global public policymaking, the statistics agency said.

The SDGs include 17 goals announced at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2015, an initiative to be jointly achieved by 2030, for the sustainable development of mankind, as defined by its core principle of inclusiveness, "Leaving No One Behind."

Examples include poverty, inequality, climate crisis and violence, issues on which the New York-headquartered international organization requires a unified response and continued commitment by countries and stakeholder groups around the world.

The agency expects the platform to provide easy access to Korea's SDGs data sources for international research and analysis, to be widely used by international organizations, statistical agencies and the general public around the world.

The platform was developed by the Data Center for SDGs under the Statistics Research Institute (SRI), a state-run think tank for data innovation and official statistics.

Users will be able to search and view data for each SDG indicator in detail and better understand how related data are collected and analyzed. Also available are Korea's SDGs progress reports and related papers.

A total of 154 Korean SDGs data measured by 231 indicators are available including those on clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth as well as affordable and clean energy.

More data will be added to the platform, compiled from collaborative work to produce datasets by Korea's government ministries and international organizations

Viewers will be able to share data on their social networking services accounts, reaching a wider scope of the public using the platform's fast and easy sharing tools.

"We hope the platform will facilitate the use of Korean SDGs data among international organizations and global users. We will continue to update the platform to take the lead in evidence-based global inclusion policies, as promoted by the OECD," an SRI official said.

The progress of the 17 SDGs is monitored every year measured by 231 U.N. SDG indicators. The U.N. secretary-general publishes and shares The Sustainable Development Goals Report to gauge the level of implementation at the U.N. High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) held every July.

In the Asia-Pacific region, which includes Korea, the Asia and the Pacific SDG Progress Report is published every March.

Individual countries regularly monitor the implementation of the SDGs, and the results are shared in the form of voluntary reporting by each country at the U.N. HLPF. Korea attended the forum in 2016.

The agency provides data with the help of Korea's 28 government ministries upon request from international organizations.

Lee Kyung-min

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