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TOPIK to introduce speaking test from 2023

Foreigners who want to take the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) will need to prepare for the speaking section in a couple of years as it will be implemented in the assessment by 2023. TOPIK currently offers three sections - listening, writing and reading. According to education circles, Sunday, the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) plans to establish an internet-based testing (IBT) for the TOPIK speaking section.

Korea faces 'tax dilemma' amid slowdown

Korea is confronted with a “tax dilemma” in the face of an economic slowdown on falling private investment. Worsening economic data here has been putting pressure on President Moon Jae-in and his administration to rethink its high corporate tax policy. Many major economies, including the U.S., have been doing well as a result of the policies of cutting taxes and releasing the shackles of regulations on businesses. Besides regulations, the question remains whether Korea should maintain the current corporate tax rate of 25 percent or lower it to revive investment.

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10 years on: 'Yongsan disaster' victims still want fact-finding, justice

On Jan. 19, 2009, about 30 residents held a sit-in protest in a temporary four-story tower built on the top of a building in Yongsan demanding proper compensation after a decision to redevelop the area. In a pre-dawn attack by dozens of police commandos and privately hired security guards, the temporary building structure occupied by displaced tenants caught ablaze. The fire took the lives of five residents and one police officer, leaving more than 20 people injured.

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Farmers, rustic lifestyle captured in photopoetry

Yang Hae-nam, 53, writes poems, takes documentary photos and has put them together for photographically illustrated poetry in a book form - a rare genre dubbed “photopoetry” or “photopoem.”

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Japan warned not to 'distort facts' in radar dispute

The Ministry of National Defense has urged Japan to stop engaging in inappropriate media warfare by distorting facts over the ongoing “radar feud,” the ministry said in a statement Saturday. The demand came in response to Japan's release of an audio recording that the country claims proves the South Korean destroyer Gwanggaeto the Great locked its fire-control radar on Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force's P-1 patrol plane last month.

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2nd Trump-Kim summit to take place in late February

U.S. President Donald Trump will hold a much-anticipated second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in late February, Trump confirmed Saturday (local time), signaling hopes for rapid progress in their stalled denuclearization talks. “We have agreed to meet sometime, probably the end of February,” Trump told reporters. The remark came a day after he met with North Korean envoy Kim Yong-chol at the White House. The North's top negotiator visited Washington for a three-day trip to discuss detailed schedules and agendas for the upcoming summit.

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