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Pope accepts Kim Jong-un's invitation to North Korea

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis accepted a handwritten letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, delivered by President Moon Jae-in, Thursday, inviting him to visit Pyongyang. “During a meeting between President Moon Jae-in and Pope Francis held behind closed doors at the Vatican, the pope said he was waiting for an official invitation from Kim Jong-un, adding he could visit the North,” chief press secretary Yoon Young-chan said in a media briefing late Thursday (KST).

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Twisted F-6: cross-border nuptials' blind spot

A Cambodian woman moved to Korea in 2007 for marriage and a new life, but her Korean husband and mother-in-law did not allow her to learn Korean or hold a bank account. They told her they had paid for her labor on their vineyard, ending her dream of becoming a proud immigrant mother. Her husband, ignoring her hopes of obtaining Korean citizenship, filed for divorce in 2013. Her mother-in-law then kicked her out of their home.

BTS signs 2nd seven-year-contract with Big Hit Entertainment

K-pop sensation BTS has signed a second seven-year-contract with agency Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit Entertainment reportedly sent an e-mail to employees and stakeholders on Thursday that read, “We renewed our contract with BTS based on trust and affection.”

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Rights groups decry screening process of Yemeni refugees

Rights groups are up in arms over the Ministry of Justice's denial of refugee status to hundreds of Yemeni asylum seekers on Jeju Island, denouncing the government screening process as rushed and biased. “We feel that the purpose of this screening process was not to sort and accept refugees, but to simply toe the line with mounting negative public sentiment toward Yemeni asylum seekers,” Ko Eun-ji, an official at refugee rights center NANCEN told The Korea Times, Thursday.

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Unveiled: which company offers the fattest paycheck in South Korea?

Which company offers the fattest paycheck in South Korea? Samsung Electronics? It is a high ranker, but slightly shy of the top. Hyundai Motor? Lower than Samsung. Naver? Not in sight.

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North Korea strengthens regional ties on Workers' Party foundation anniversary

North Korea is committed to strengthening its regional ties in Asia, especially with traditional allies such as China, Russia and Mongolia, on the 73rd anniversary of the foundation of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

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