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Trump cancels new sanctions on North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday he has ordered the withdrawal of new sanctions on North Korea, possibly signaling an intention to continue denuclearization negotiations with the regime. Trump was initially thought to be referring to sanctions the U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed Thursday on two Chinese shipping companies accused of helping the North evade sanctions.

Snowfall in spring [PHOTOS]

Parked cars are covered with a coating of snow in Wonju, Gangwon Province, Saturday. Up to 5 centimeters of snow fell in some parts of the province as an unseasonal cold spell has gripped the country.

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Seoul 7th most expensive city in the world: survey

The Worldwide Cost of Living (WCL) Survey, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), measures the prices of more than 150 items in 133 cities across the globe, with the index for New York set as a benchmark of 100.

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Ex-vice justice minister barred from leaving Korea amid sex crime probe

Kim, who retired from public service in March 2013 amid allegations that he attended a sex party hosted by local contractor Yoon Jung-cheon at his villa in Wonju, 120 kilometers east of Seoul, had attempted to leave South Korea on Friday at Incheon International Airport, according to officials at the justice ministry.

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The burden of competition

The Korean coolie (porter), often disparaged as uncouth and dirty, was also admired for his sheer determination and strength. Western visitors to Korea in the late 19th century described him as physically larger and more attractive than his peers in Japan and China. He walked long distances with heavy loads, sometimes accompanied by other coolies, and almost always had a pipe near at hand and a song in the air to lighten his burden.

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The rise of plant power in Hong Kong

Walk into any cafe in Hong Kong, and customers are likely to find a permutation of skim, soy, almond and oat milk as possible substitutes for whole milk. Just five years ago, baristas would have staunchly shaken their heads if anyone deigned to seek an alternative creamer for their latte.

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