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Korean, Chinese students clash over Hong Kong protests

Tensions are escalating on university campuses here between Korean students supporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and Chinese students studying here who oppose them, citing Beijing's “One China” doctrine. There are concerns that the conflict could lead to emotional responses by both sides, with some students seriously worrying about physical clashes. School authorities are also paying close attention to the tension as Chinese students account for the largest portion of foreign students at colleges in Korea.

'Seoul can't renew GSOMIA with Tokyo': Moon

President Moon Jae-in told U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper that South Korea will not renew the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan, saying Tokyo's imposition of restrictions on certain exports to South Korean companies in July made it a matter of “mutual trust.”

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'Producer 101' director admits more vote-rigging

Mnet's idol group audition reality show “Produce 101” series producer Ahn Joon-young has admitted that he manipulated the voting results for all seasons of the show. Ahn was arrested Thursday on multiple charges related to manipulating viewers' votes and giving advantages to specific contestants from a particular management agency. Two other staff members were also questioned by prosecutors, along with chief producer Kim Yong-beom. “Produce 101” is a popular audition program series on Mnet where idol trainees appear on the show and compete to gain the most votes from the viewers in order to debut as an idol group. Ahn was originally booked for manipulating votes in the third season “Produce 48” and fourth “Produce X 101.” However there were also irregularities in the number of votes counted and actual viewer's votes for seasons one and two, which Ahn later admitted to being involved in.

'Pengsoo' rocks Seoul bourse

Pengsoo, an EBS-owned outspoken penguin character that has become a YouTube star, has begun exercising its influence over the nation's stock market, since investors have gone all out to look for “related” stocks, according to analysts, Wednesday.

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Ruling opens chance for ostracized K-pop singer to enter Korea after 17 years

The Seoul High Court annulled the Korean consulate general in Los Angeles's decision to refuse to issue a visa for Korean American singer Yoo Seung-jun, Friday. The decision has given Yoo the chance to enter Korea 17 years after the country imposed an entry ban on him for giving up his Korean nationality to evade conscription.

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[INTERVIEW] Mother-daughter team takes Korean jerky to new level

Beef jerky is rising as a new culinary trend in Korea, with the brand Jung Yook Po leading it by sticking to a time-consuming traditional recipe.

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